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I liked everything about the game except those damn magnetic balls =P


My video on Egregore.


Very fricken nice




For some reason this game opens SteamVR, which is irritating. The game looks very interesting, but the texture warping when the camera gets close was a bit much for me, personally. I wish I could fly a little longer, or with more control. I enjoyed the atmosphere!

The more collectables you pick up, the more stamina for flying you get.


such a beautiful and atmospheric game. the controls were tricky initially, but it was a fun challenge to figure them out. can i ask what you used for texturing? was it low quality photographs? or downscaled textures you made yourself? either way they're very well-done.

thankyou~~ For the textures ive used big databases of images and processed them through neural networks.

Nice! That's really cool.


I love it

thankyou *°*


I didn't find the ship either tho tbh
man this project is fun, ty for sharing it with us, even if it was made for a jam i enjoy a lot this kind of visuals in games

wow thats awesome you got the hang of it pretty quickly! it indeed is a pretty weird game, but really really enjoyed the video, keep it up!!~~

Hola Genio, me encanta tu estilo que motor usas? te hable al face :D

gracias amiggoo*w* unreal 4.25

I really loved the environment, it definitely yearned for sound tho. 

thanks! It is quite a silent game, but the atmospheric sounds require you to up the vol.

I can't figure out what i'm supposed to do after I collected all of the red orbs

theres a great ship that takes you to the credits, if thats what youre asking.