A downloadable tech demo for Windows

Walking simulator in a city where the world is seen through a realtime neural network, which is fed simple colored blocks that  are translated to textures and forms.

The model currently used is trained on 400 images like so:

deriving on knowledge of the following labels;

"The Pix2Pix Generative Adversarial Network, or GAN, is an approach to training a deep convolutional neural network for image-to-image translation tasks." https://machinelearningmastery.com/how-to-develop-a-pix2pix-gan-for-image-to-ima...

Pix2Pix Unity open source implementation by https://twitter.com/_kzr /


Pix2Pix Tensorflow models by https://twitter.com/christophrhesse  / https://github.com/affinelayer/pix2pix-tensorflow


Crashes on startup and display issues due to outdated graphics cards or drivers. Im looking into optimizing for more compatibility!


1.0 66 MB


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I have a Problem when I'm starting to play this game then it is Not Responding :(

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Please make a Linux build! This runs really poorly in Wine!!
For reference, I have a GTX1060 6GB

The concept is really cool and the feel of walking around in this city paired with the music and very unnerving. Really good!

I played it ;) Strange & interesting 👍

ow wow


game works out-of-the box on Linux with WINE! keep up the great work dev, i look forwards to what is coming next

wow thats a relief, thanks! ive been playtesting having issues to port the game, but still updates coming soon!


From the screen shots, the game looks awesome, but the graphics did not work on PC. I restarted it and redownloaded it, only sound and nothing else. Although, on the third try it kind of worked for a while. Well. Good Game, I guess.


Huge fan of this project, runs a bit slow on my old GPU, but damn - it's like recording a video of a dream.


It must weight 66.6 Mb


The .exe will run and I see the unity startup logo, but the graphics themselves won't display. It is just a gray screen. I can hear the footsteps when I press wasd keys though. I have integrated graphics instead of a real graphics card on this laptop. I wonder if that is keeping it from working properly.

I'm having the same issue.


Integrated Graphics.. with GPU MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS. That is an automatic red flag, mate.

Damn. Is there a video at least?

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Why are you bigots downvoting me, I am telling the truth. iGPUs are horrible at computation.


They're probably downvoting because of your tone towards the original poster, not because of their opinions on iGPUs.

(...Also, that's not how bigotry works.)

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The images mixed with the sound creates a really unique atmosphere that I haven't experienced before. Almost like a walkable drone song! Simply amazing! 

David / LotsOfStuff


Love it

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A wonderfully original execution of machine learning art. You feel like you're exploring a world half built in the mind. Like something that's both there and not there. Simultaneously constructed and falling apart. A hazy dream that you try to recall when you're awake.


Thank you, those are some great pointers on the essence of this. It may be a simple walking sim but seeing things like this is a lot to take in lol.

Would you release the source code for the project?


There is a link to the Github pix2pix to unity in the description!


beautiful <3


This is wonderful!


This is so trippy!!!

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aw man im on mac this look awesome

hey ill be making mac and linux soon, dont worry :)

yeay ty

i can't wait for the linux version!

Linux versions seems to be unnecessary (though it would be appreciated) since the Windows version of the game runs perfectly fine in WINE.