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THE ONEIROI were the dark-winged spirits (daimones) of dreams which emerged each night like a flock of bats from their cavernous home in Erebos--the land of eternal darkness beyond the rising sun. The Oneiroi passed through one of two gates (pylai). The first of these, made of horn, was the source of the prophetic god-sent dreams, while the other, constructed of ivory, was the source of dreams which were false and without meaning. The term for nightmare was melas oneiros (black dream).

According to some the leader of the Oneiroi was Morpheus, a god who appeared in the dreams of kings in the guise of a man bearing messages from the gods.

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A great combination of abstract imagery and text. I never really knew what I was exploring and why. It's light in design which leaves the mind racing for answers as you explore cursed worlds aimlessly entranced. Would make for a good twitter bot archiving differing worlds.

I agree with this one too

Appears to be a procedural generated experiment since it says "run seeds" with some spookiness added in, though I wonder what purpose this is for but it's interesting especially the r and f key that allows you to look up or down,

interesting game? :D

appears to be some kind of procedurally generated dream exploration simulator. played a few different seeds, I'm sure i haven't found everything yet. Would recommend to the curious.