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Cursed love letter/demake on classic GMod and the hl2 modding scene, with a poetry based sandbox/exploration narrative hinting at some burrowed evil.

StatusIn development
TagsHorror, ps1, Sandbox


18.zip 114 MB


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Question, whenever I try to open it says "Fatal error!", what do I do?

sad to hear, what are your pc specs? graphics card, 64/32 bit, processor, ram.

The game runs fine, but will only run after I install unreal prerequisites. Then once it's installed, it'll still say it needs the prerequisites, brings up the installer (which can only uninstall them at this point) and then runs perfectly fine even after uninstalling them.

Really fun! Looking forward to the full release!!

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(15 minutes later from drawing in tmPaint)

Oh boy can't wait to play tmOD!


The first map I had fun until I found tm and THAT room.
But on the 2nd map, it was fine. except for teh shado men
Also I quickly realized console was actually game code
But still great Game!

If I will settle in the corner, then there will be no one behind me! Rright? Cause I hear so@>!#$!$%

Why it dont wanna work it just says pvp demo and there is an error and its laggy

hey, what specs does your computer have? Also, can you describe the errors better, does the game work and is laggy? where does it say pvp demo, what is the error...


man, you really nailed the authenticity here.  a kind of noclip-based horror is my absolute dream game, I really hope you decide to flesh this idea out


I love the creepy empty feeling of this game . nice :)

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 No Commentary Playlist


I loved the demo! You nailed the creepiness of an empty Gmod world. I also really like the simple, off-looking UI.

graxiass!! yesssthat was the objective :p

Hey man, sorry to necro a 3 day old post but I'm unfamiliar with the site layout. Do you have a business email I could contact you with?

sure! towimihura@gmail.com


God. I loved this in the haunted PS1 horror demo disc. I played through 2 times only and I need to check if there are any secrets. Keep it up!!

thank u!! had fun making it :)