A downloadable demo for Windows

Shadows inspire a violence in the concrete jungle.

Without aim or design, without organization: indomitable madness, decomposition. Those who are strong in force will survive, for they are quick in defense, the agility of limbs and sentiments; flames on their faceted flanks.

You happen to be in the middle of it... or maybe at the top.

A game by TM https://twitter.com/TobymDev

Soundtrack by CicadaSirens https://twitter.com/cicadasirens

Credits and description of the original reference cartridge.

Children.™ (2014)

Cory Schmitz / Graphic Designer & Illustrator

“THE CITY IS THEIRS.” While the grown-ups are hooked up to their VR machines, the children sneak outside and The City becomes their playground. Create your character, explore the decaying mysteries of The City, and watch out for rival gangs. 1 player.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Tags3D, Creepy, FPS, free, Horror, Retro


ZYX-ZIPPED 1.1 64bit (best performance) 119 MB
ZYX:CHILDREN 1.1.exe 92 MB


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No Commentary- Devil Dagger Unlock



Too many eyeballs

too many eyeballs indeed :p

Gave it a try, interesting devil daggers vibes


Indeed, yet this is a demo, so used devil daggers' simplicity for inspiration as a way to test the mechanics. Eventually it will have more story elements and such.

Show post...


thanks for playing, awesome vid!

This game's pretty cool, although I'm not 100% sure what the objective is. Are you just supposed to fight waves to collect orbs? I'm gonna try it again soon because I wasn't feeling too good last night and only played for about 30min. And I realized I missed the 4th door when I was editing. It's a pretty interesting game though. I dig it, man.

nice gameplay! yes, the idea is to get buffed up and reach wave 20, also, the devil daggers is a weapon that can spray fire but also does a shotgun blast in single click, a mechanic from the game with the same name.

Ah, ok. I'm gonna try again soon and see if i can beat it. I had a feeling there was a certain wave that i needed to beat but i wasn't 100% sure. Pretty cool game though. Thanks!